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Complete Title and Closing Services

  • Title Searches

    – Considering a real estate purchase or concerned with your existing property? We can provide the most complete property report available.

  • Title Insurance

    – Need to protect your real estate property investment? We can issue policies to both purchasers and lenders to guarantee your property rights.

  • Seller Conveyancing

    – If you have accepted an offer on your property, our in-house services can help ensure a complete and timely title transfer process.

  • Closing Services

    – For the final buyer-seller or borrower-lender transactions, we provide flexible, full-service closing options to fit your busy schedule.

  • Deed Accommodations

    – If you are adding a trust or getting married, we can help you record ownership transfer documents after documentation is confirmed.

Affiliate Joint Ventures

We form joint ventures with select area real estate professionals to offer a full range of title-related services in-house. 

Notable Commercial Business

We have dealt in many forms of transfer including commercial, industrial, vacant ground, and historical tax credits. 

Purchasing a Home?

Title insurance can be a confusing topic that can leave you with more questions than answers. We break it down for you in this 4-page handbook. Offering this handy starter guide is just our first step towards helping you “Close with Confidence.”

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