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The perfect partner for your title and closing needs

If you are a real estate professional, home buyer, or lender, looking for a smooth, worry-free closing process, First Partners Abstract Company is a perfect partner for all your title and closing needs. We also work with home sellers, attorneys, builders, and commercial developers, but more importantly, we would love to work with you!
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Title Search

Whether you are considering a real estate investment or have a concern with your existing property, we can help. Our on-staff searchers can provide full title services in all 50 states. We provide an accurate public record history report, including owner history, property rights, liens, and encumbrances. In addition, judgment searches are included for the individuals on the title.

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Title Insurance

Protect your real estate property investment by guaranteeing your property rights for as long as you own the property with title insurance that can be purchased for a one-time payment. A Standard coverage policy guarantees protection for title issues that occurred before your purchase, while an Enhanced coverage policy offers additional protection, plus some for after your purchase.

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Seller Conveyancing

Our in-house services can help ensure a complete and timely title transfer with a qualified specialist to oversee the process as required. A typical conveyance will include a review for liens and other encumbrances, ensuring all conditions have been met, settling all taxes and charges with the appropriate party prior to transfer confirming financing, and preparing all the documents for final settlement.

Closing Services

Closing a property deal can be a long and stressful exercise involving lots of steps and procedural formalities. We can manage this often-times, complicated, final transaction between a buyer and seller of real estate property, or between the borrower and lender of a real estate loan. In fact, First Partners and its affiliate companies oversee a minimum of 400 closings a month. We also provide flexible, closing options to fit your busy schedule.

Deed Accommodations

If you are adding a trust or getting married, we can help you record ownership transfer documents after proper documentation is confirmed. All deeds are prepared by one of our attorneys.